DOVER, DE–(Marketwired – November 3rd, 2017) – Metatron (OTC PINK: MRNJ), a pioneer of releasing Marijuana & CBD related apps on iTunes and Google Play, is pleased to report that development of it’s newest App the Bitcoin ICO tracking app is nearing completion and testing for future deployment and is in discussions with The Real Start Company to accelerate the development of our new app.


There are numerous Bitcoin and similar coin chains available in today’s markets and it’s nearly impossible to track, find and trade these coins as new ones come into play every day. “Metatron’s ICO tracker will monitor, locate and keep the traders of these Bitcoins informed and updated as new Coins enter the trading arena allowing users of our new ICO app to be a step ahead of the crowd and maximize trading opportunities in the Bitcoins marketplace” said, CEO Joe Riehl.

Together, The Real Start and Metatron Inc., will work on offering Crypto Currency traders and investors with a succinct solution to see the trading prices of ICOs, recent news, and potentially interesting upcoming ICO’s investors can take part in.

Many start ups and well established companies come to The Real Start with an idea or concept, and with the help of their consultation, can help to turn them into multi-million dollar successes.

With literally hundreds of these Bitcoins trading and new ones coming in the Bitcoin market has seen a new surge in investors seeking out and trading these coins. Our new tracking app will add to our great line-up of apps and will increase shareholder value as we expect this tracking app to be possibly the biggest success of our apps he added. More info on completion and launch date is forthcoming.

In 2016 The Real Start team started working on blockchain/crypto-currency related projects, and actively helps organizations understand where blockchain may be of benefit, using smart contracts and ICO’s to raise capital for start ups, and building out great technology to build great companies.

The Real Start is led by Bobir Akilkhanov, who has 17 years of IT experience, and has successfully started and exited three of his own companies prior to going into consulting.

At the age of 20, Bobir raised $1million and created a Facebook competitor in Australia. He saw the immense opportunity and potential of social networking sites, and at one point had the third largest social networking site in the world.

Bobir went on to become a Founder of a Groupon clone in Russia called Coupi Coupon; bringing it from 0 – 8million subscribers in less than a year.

Bobir is also investor and the partner at – which is an extremely successful online restaurant and was the number 1 upcoming business in Russia ranked by Forbes. Bobir still serves of the board for this company.

Bobir’s current consultancy The Real Start works with Lasik, APT Systems, Museum of Modern Art, Peter Neilsen and dozens of other start ups to well established companies, that come to him with an idea or concept, and he helps to turn it into a multi-million dollar successes.

Bobir receive an appreciation plaque from The University of Bahrain for sponsoring and participating in the Second ICT Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum 2017 held at University of Bahrain

His talented team includes Enterprise Level Account Executives at former Global SaaS companies, Senior Developers with 10+ years each in experience, and highly talented project managers with virtually perfect track records of timely executions on projects and tasks.

In 2016 Bobir’s team started working on blockchain/crypto-currency related projects, and actively helps organizations understand where blockchain may be of benefit, using smart contracts and ICO’s to raise capital for start ups, and building out great technology to build great companies.

“We look forward to bringing our years of IT and entrepreneurial experiences to this project, and creating a product that is simple, useful, and helps to better inform interested parties on what’s going on in the ICO world” said Bobir Akilkhanov.

Metatron is also pleased to announce a formal offer to, a cannabis e-commerce platform for dispensaries and consumers. will be financed partially by the issuance of preferred B series shares.

Metatron approved investors can acquire Series B shares in blocks of various sizes starting at 1k and recently increased discounts. The first round investors will receive the highest discount. Series B shares can be redeemed through the Company, are immune to reverse splits, and will convert at 1 B share to 50,000 common shares at a discount. There are a limited number of B shares available and Metatron reserves the right to end offering at any time.

Details available at: b/

Metatron’s Apps:

Google Play: id=Metatron+Inc


We would also like everyone to to a look at up and coming app a new app and private California company that will revolutionize the bar industry with innovative loyalty rewards. The have already signed numerous deals in Souther California with top restaurants and bars. Metatron is exploring a financial interest in company but in the meantime likes to support the work of great local app developers. “Get on board early…this one is a game-changer” states Joe Riehl.  Contact CEO Dave Weinstein at +1 (619) 922-4832 for more info about their recent milestones and investment opportunities.

Forward-Looking Statements:

Any statements made in this press release which are not historical facts contain certain forward-looking statements, as such term is defined in the Private Litigation Reform Act of 1995, concerning potential developments affecting the business, prospects, financial condition and other aspects of the company to which this release pertains. These forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause our actual results of the specific items described in this release, and the company’s operations generally, to differ materially from what is projected in such forward-looking statements. Although such statements are based upon the best judgments of management of the company as of the date of this release, significant deviations in magnitude, timing and other factors may result from business risks and uncertainties including, without limitation, the company’s need for additional financing, which is not assured and which may result in dilution of shareholders, the company’s status as a small company with a limited operating history, dependence on third parties and the continuing popularity of the iOS operating system, general market and economic conditions, technical factors, receipt of revenues, and other factors, many of which are beyond the control of the company. Although we believe that the expectations reflected in the forward-looking statements are reasonable, we cannot guarantee future results, levels of activity, performance, or achievements. Moreover, neither we nor any other person assumes responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of such statements, and we disclaim any obligation to update information contained in any forward-looking statement. Metatron does not grow, sell or distribute any substances that violate United States Law or the Controlled Substances Act.

Metatron, Inc. 302-861-0431 [email protected] SOURCE: Metatron, Inc

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